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The Exciting Connection Between Gender and the Solar System

One of the things I really love about the Bible is all the rich, literary symbolism you come across which is sprinkled throughout all of Scripture. God seems to know that this is something that resonates with us and that helps bring elements of the Bible together and make sense in ways we might not have seen before. The parables that Jesus told were also a form of symbolism and were a wonderful way to help people connect the dots about God and His kingdom. I want to share a couple of my favorite examples of symbolism in the Bible before I jump into the exciting connection between gender and the solar system.

The Spiritual Symbolism of Marriage

One of the elements of the Bible which is often symbolized is the relationship between us and God. One of my favorites images of this is of a bride and a bridegroom. To me, the Bible is first and foremost a love story and this imagery of a husband and wife is so beautiful. It shows how God seeks after, pursues, commits to, sacrifices for, protects, and provides for us. One example of this is Ephesians 5:25. Paul says, “Husbands love your wives, just as Christ loved the Church and gave himself up for her”. So even though man and woman were both created equal in God’s own image (Gen 1:26-27), we still see some differentiating symbolism within those genders with men (as husbands) pointing back to God and women (as wives) pointing towards the role of God’s people as a whole.

Symbolism in the Heavens

One of my other favorite symbols for our relationship with God is that of the sun and moon. In many areas of Scripture, God is shown to be like the sun. The sun is the ultimate element which brings life to all; without it there would be no life on Earth. Its daily rising and setting also symbolizes Jesus’ resurrection. Psalm 84:11 says “For the Lord God is a sun and shield”. He, like the sun, is full of strength, vitality, fire, and the power to sustain life.

An interesting thing to note about the moon is that it has no light of its own, it merely reflects the light from the sun to Earth. God’s purpose for us on Earth is to share His light with the world. Essentially, we are called by God to be little moons! When we turn towards God and reflect Him with the fullness of our being, we also reflect back the most light to others.

God also uses the cycles and seasons of the moon to set the calendar and the timing for certain festivals for us to observe.

And God said, “Let there be lights in the vault of the sky to separate the day from the night, and let them serve as signs to mark sacred times, and days and years…”

Genesis 1:14

The Jewish people today still use a lunar-based calendar as opposed to our familiar Gregorian calendar which is set by the sun. In fact, each new month in the Jewish calendar is indicated by the start of a new moon and various phases of the moon are used to determine the start of different festivals (i.e. Passover, Sukkot, Rosh Hashanah etc). That’s a whole book in and of itself! But I digress. It’s interesting to note as well that the reason there are four full weeks in a month also comes from the four Lunar phases: New Moon, Waxing/First Quarter, Full Moon, Waning/Third Quarter. And each week Biblically reflects the 7 days of Creation. Remember that for later!

Back to Biology

If you have read my most recent blog post, you may be familiar with the fact that I have been working to embrace my femininity, particularly through motherhood, but also in other areas in my life. To that end, one of the Instagram accounts I follow is called @28wellness which is centered around a new way of thinking regarding the ways women stay healthy and fit, specifically in regards to their monthly menstrual cycles. The theory (with scientific backing) goes that during the phases of a woman’s cycle, hormones are at various levels of ebb and flow and those levels can work towards or against things like energy levels, fat-burning and muscle building. Therefore, reorienting women’s perspectives to work out and even eat differently in correspondence to their hormonal fluctuations can actually help ease menstrual symptoms, capitalize on energy levels for muscle gains and fat burning, and lead to nutritional improvements and more. The U.S. women’s soccer team even employed a cycle-based training regimen leading up to their 4th World Cup win and their performance coach credited this as one of the strategies which led to their win.

Does anything about this sound familiar? The moon goes through similar ebbs and flows as it moves through its four quarters from New to Full and back again. Women have four stages in their cycle, which is on average 28 days (four 7-day phases): Menstrual, Follicular, Ovulation, Luteal…! The menstrual phase can be linked to the new moon stage where fertility is “hidden” and the ovulatory phase can be linked to the full moon stage when it is fully “visible”.

Masculine Cycles

Alright men, it’s your turn. Men’s fertile cycles are naturally very different from women’s. And yes, you may be surprised to hear that you do in fact also have a cycle!

Instead of having a month-long hormone cycle like women, men go through an entire hormone cycle every 24 hours. Men also have about 10 times more testosterone than women, so their hormone cycle is usually all about how their testosterone affects them.

Hormonology – Male Hormone Cycle

In the morning, testosterone is at its peak and gradually decreases throughout the day only to refresh again the next morning. This daily, recurring cycle means that building muscle, burning fat, nutritional needs, and the intensity and drive that can be brought to the workday is fairly consistent day after day, unlike for women. And of course, they are physically able to procreate any day of the month throughout the year.

Men have a very unique combination of symbolism in the Bible because while they are shown as part of God’s people, which can be symbolized by the bride and the moon, they are also a picture of God, symbolized by the bridegroom and the sun. As a husband, you reflect God because it is your responsibility to love, protect, provide and sacrifice for your wife. You complete the bride and bridegroom imagery here on Earth and you also complete the sun and moon imagery through your hormonal/fertile cycle. Like the sun, which rises and sets daily (from our perspective on Earth), your hormones go through the same pattern. So fascinating!

The Spiritual Meets the Biological

So we essentially have the sun and moon in a marriage relationship. How beautiful then that when the sun and the moon come together, they can create a child. It is also interesting to consider that it is only when women are in a “full moon” stage, fully reflecting the sun, that they can conceive. When we are reflecting God to our greatest capacity, that is when we are the most fruitful and share the most light with others. I am reminded of a popular TV series where a husband referred to his wife as “moon of my life” and the wife referred to her husband as “my sun and stars”. How accurate!

So women, here’s my message for us: Let’s stop trying to be like men! We were not created for this daily, recurring cycle of drive and consistent strength and profitability. Let’s embrace our moon-like nature and live into the ebbs and flows this brings us. We are a mystery to be discovered and we need to lean into that.

Men! How incredible to be a representation of God…what a privilege and yet a responsibility! Embrace the nature of the sun and bring your light and strength and recurring drive to every area of your life. Make sure you are shining light on others (and your wife in particular) so that they can then reflect that back and share with others in turn!

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  1. Ooh, I have known about cycle-based living for a while but never made the husband/wife sun/moon connection. So interesting! For more about female physiology, check out @drstacysims.

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