A real piece of art is a window into the transcendent….

Jordan Peterson

Ministry – One For Israel

“Because the best way to bless Israel is with Yeshua”. I love this ministry because they embody much of my heart for Israel and the Jewish people. One for Israel is doing so much to reach the Jewish people with the good news of their Messiah through both online and in-person outreach, testimonies, educational opportunities, and more. They have excellent theology and also provide regular inspirational and devotional articles which dive deeper into some exciting insights from the Lord. These have helped to encourage and grow my faith as well!

Artist/Speaker – Jonathan Pageau

If you’ve read my blogs you’ve probably picked up on the fact that I love symbolism. It’s something that I realize I’ve been interested in ever since reading books like the Scarlet Letter and Macbeth in Middle and High School.

Jonathan Pageau is someone I recently stumbled across while watching a Jordan Peterson series on the book of Exodus. He has an amazing grasp on symbolism in literature (namely the Bible), culture and it’s meaning for us spiritually today. Fascinating content! He also has a Youtube Channel. Highly recommend.

Ministry/Non-Profit – Them Before Us

I was raised in a Christian, conservative household, replete with Biblical teaching which honored the concept of marriage and the Family unit. However, I like much of Christian culture today, had somehow overlooked the importance of marriage as it relates to its primary role in protecting children’s rights. The founder of this movement, Katy Faust, talks about how “the Western world lost what should’ve been an obvious win: the battle of marriage. We fumbled because we took our eyes off the ball and got distracted by religious liberty questions, the self-interest of adults, and accusations of being on the wrong side of history.” Reading the book “Them Before Us” has in a away “radicalized” me and opened my eyes to the importance of marriage for protecting children and by extension, our society. One of the ways we can do this is by remembering to put “children’s rights before adult desires.” A must read.

Music – The Gray Havens

This married couple makes music together and they find their well of inspiration in the Kingdom of God, the Garden of Eden, and the writings of C.S. Lewis and Tolkien, among others. They express these ideas through poignant symbolism and they seem to have found the perfect marriage between depth of meaning, beautiful lyrics, and incredible musicality. Some of my favorite songs are “This My Soul”, “Far Kingdom”, “Shadows of the Dawn”, “See You Again”, “Three Birds in Babylon”, and “Train Station”. Give them a listen and be encouraged!

Art – Kelly Kruse

I love how this artist strives to convey deep concepts of theology and human longing through her art. Each type of medium that she uses has special meaning and symbolism. I particularly love her body of work called “True and Better” which seeks to bring into focus how flawed characters in the Bible are fulfilled through the image of Jesus- He succeeds where we fail. People like Adam, David, and Moses highlight key aspects of God that are made perfect in the Messiah, Jesus.
"In the world, not of the world"

Art – Greg Olsen

I am not typically drawn to art depicting Jesus because they always feel insufficient, cliché, and sometimes cheesy. I prefer to leave much to my own imagination. However, this artist incorporated realistic, historically accurate scenes from Israel (you can tell he’s actually been there) and he captured something in Jesus’ demeanor that speaks to me. The two pieces that resonate with me in particular are the one above, “In the World, Not of the World”, which depicts the Sea of Galilee, and “O Jerusalem” which also brings me back to my time spent in Israel on the Mt of Olives. There’s a certain gentle, welcoming aspect to both of them as if Jesus is saying “Come walk with me”.

More inspiration to come!

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