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Seeking the Bible’s Buried Treasure

As an archaeologist, I imagine one would eventually become accustomed to looking at an expanse of bare dirt and being able to visualize the multitude of potential discoveries below: layers of treasure or knowledge of past civilizations, waiting to be uncovered.

One of the things that I want to cultivate in my own life is this same ability to see past a familiar façade to see the incredible truths and insights that may be waiting in store for me below.

It can be an all-too-easy tendency to tread the paths that have already been exposed for us, studying the coins that have already been discovered. While there is doubtless much to learn from the study of these familiar finds, what truly excites me is the discovery of the rare, precious understanding that comes from deeper digging. The more you excavate a site, the more the full picture comes together. A simple clay jar becomes a piece of a greater whole, that when viewed together, paints a detailed view of a world that was previously lost to us.

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This is the way I feel about God and my understanding of my faith and the Bible. There are many precious items to be found on the surface and much that can be learned from them; but what fascinates me most is the deeper digging. It is this compelling desire to dig and to explore, which I believe is answered by God himself, that is evidence to me of the truth of my beliefs. I believe that I hear the call to dig deeper, look for connections, ask the questions, and that they will be answered. Jesus says, “seek and you will find”, and I’ve never found that more true than when I pursue a greater understanding of Him. I have never been disappointed

As my understanding of the Bible grows, it seems that what I once saw as a linear, occasionally boring story, becomes a rich, deep circular, interwoven system, layered with richness of meaning and connection. The parts reflect the whole and the whole reflects the parts, and echoes of echoes of the whole are heard again and again throughout.

I am very excited to dive in and share with you some of my favorite discoveries from the Bible in my coming blog posts. For my next post, it seemed appropriate that I should start at the beginning of it all. We will talk about Eden and what happened to it after the Fall. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Seeking the Bible’s Buried Treasure”

  1. One of the great discoveries in life is the fact that behind everything is something else and if you follow this journey far enough you always will run into the Lord. The Lord is always the hidden treasure behind every issue, every discovery, every artifact and every piece of information that you follow. Learning to do that is the joy and discovery not only of the complexities and wonders of life but also is the gateway to true faith and meeting the hidden Lord of life that reveals Himself to us in the Lord Jesus Christ. We end up realizing that life is not about what we see but life is about the Lord that lets us see everything and make sense of it all as it relates to Him. I encourage you to read this excellent article as it discusses those principles and may it help you to dig deeper and see more of life in the Lord each day.

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