Biography of author

Heather earned her degree in intercultural studies from Taylor University and has traveled and lived in over 15 countries studying culture, the Bible, and history along her quest for truth. Her unique background in Biblical studies from over 16 years of Christian schooling and biblical studies included philosophy, critical thinking, history, and literature, allowing her a unique perspective on the prevalent issues of society and culture from a Biblical perspective. She lives in Grand Rapids, MI with her husband and son and enjoys gardening, baking, leather working, and traveling.

A note from the author

I always wanted to be like Indiana Jones- searching for buried treasure and unique historical artifacts, all while dodging “bad guys” and probably defending myself with an assortment of awesome self-defense skills, nifty weapons, and other cultural know-how.

While my life has taken a bit of a different direction, I have realized that, in some ways, perhaps it’s not so different after all (albeit lacking some cool swords…gotta do something about that).

Like Indiana Jones, I find myself searching for a certain kind of treasure…something less tangible but far more precious, the treasure of Truth. Sometimes I find it as tiny crumbs along the way, sifting through the rubble; other times it hits me like a ton of bricks, shifting my perspective or deepening my passion for God in a major way.

Regardless of where this treasure is found, it’s typically surrounded by a different type of bad guy – a “crossfire” if you will of personal or Spiritual challenges, conflicting beliefs, false claims, or even outright lies. I’ve found I must fight for the truth with a different set of weapons – Scripture and critical thinking.

Thought in the Crossfire is about sharing my own discoveries and arsenal of “weapons” for your own quest for the most valuable treasure of all – Truth.

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